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Mailing list peeps – long time no list!

Hi All,

It’s been a little while since, well, I did a post to my mailing list. Which is downright bad. You guys should be getting the info first… so whilst the cat is out of the bag about my new album, you’re the first to hear some detail about it.

Since I finished the House of Finnegan last year, I have been wanting to stay creative. This happened in a big way.. by me bringing a new album of my own songs into the world – Mint.

kopandy, mint
Mint Album Cover

Mint is a full length album chock full of singable tunes. This is my happiest sounding record. ┬áThematically it’s lighter, tappier, singalongable and warm.


Hope you like the new too. It’s lighter.. like the record. Hope you can smile along with me.

There are so many ways to keep in contact. I’m on all the main social networks, but the best way is to subscribe to my Youtube channel. There’s a whole lot of stuff there, including the full LA video diary, and live clips from the past, me talking like a dicknut, whatever takes your fancy.

Promise I won’t leave you out in the cold again. Lots of good news to come.

Love from London.