What a week

I’ve had 2 days of Vocals in Redlight, London, followed by 3 days of gigs across the UK and now in Ho Chi Minh airport on my way to Australia for Christmas with the family.

In 2018 I’m launching a second website – originalsongwriter.com – but you can have a sneak peek now.

Happy Christmas

Blessing in Disguise

I had a vocal session with a producer booked today but due to a family emergency he had to cancel a couple of hours before we started. I was stressed because I have to get these vocals done in the next 2 days before I go to Australia.

So I called an old friend, who has a brilliant studio in Soho. I couldn’t believe it! He could fit me in same day! And he did me a great deal.

The session was amazing. All the vocals just flowed and it was a really uplifting afternoon. Back tomorrow to finish off.

The cancellation got me down.. but in the end it was a blessing in disguise. Having a positive attitude towards bad news is a choice. I made the right choice.


PS.. today I put down the vocal for 2 songs: “More than a Shot” and “Fall into Place”.


I think I know what it means to be wandering in the wilderness.

When I was doing it, I didn’t know I was doing it. Now that I’m out the other side, I can see I was in the wilderness.

Each day I wake up, with music on my brain. This morning I worked. Yesterday I worked, the day before I worked, and the day before that. I worked on songs, recording, lyrics. I stayed up until 6am.

I have my muse and my passion back and I don’t see it leaving again. It’s too easy to do what you love.

Sometimes it’s hard to start doing it. But when you’re actually doing it, it’s easy.


🌲The Forest for the Trees

The Forest for the Trees Project was to be a collection of my original songs, to be recorded in a new studio in South London, April/May 2016.

It didn’t work out.

I like simplicity. Sometimes making an album it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees.

Music is a journey which requires focus, but also timing. Sometimes I lose control of both. Sometimes you have to realise you need to, prune back the branches, reset your songs and give them a chance to grow in the right direction.

I love this journey.